Earthy Girl

Clea, my Egyptian Mau and pink and blue Tortie, is the most incredible cat.  First of all, she is strikingly beautiful.  She has huge gooseberry eyes with the characteristic ‘M’ on her forehead, mascara lines from her cheeks to her eyes, a long slender body with very long legs in the back and shorter ones in the front, huge ears, a skin fold under the belly (like a cheetah), and pink tortie colorings–pink ears, a pink nose, pink pads on all her feet with a blue/pink sheen to her coat.  Her nickname, among many others is “pinky girl”.

Cleopatra, Clea for short, not Cleo.  Originally I named her Ariel, for Archangel Ariel when I first adopted her.  Clea loves food and loves to hang out in the kitchen when I was cooking.  She is always interested in eating, as most animals are, but Clea has an affinity for earthy things.  Relative to behavior, personality, and affinities, among the five elements in Chinese Traditional Medicine (earth, wood, fire, metal, water) she would be described, and has been by her holistic veterinarians, as an earth constitution.

Predominately expressing in the earth domain, Clea has digestive issues, which began as a kitten after a horrible bout with an upper respiratory infection.  She was hospitalized for ten days and was on iv-antibiotics and fluids the entire time.  When she returned home, she had blood in her stool and was constipated.  Around the age of two she began gaining lots of weight.  She didn’t eat anymore than the rest of the cats, but gained weight, a characteristic also inclusive of the earth constitution.

Like many female cats, Clea was more interested in eating and playing, than cuddling.  My male cats are much more interested in that, then the females, at least in a our multi-cat household that’s how is plays out.  Clea was definitely affectionate, but had much more to do with me holding her on my shoulder, or talking a walk, than curling up.  Though she did like to sleep at the end of my feet.  In the last couple years of her life, she became much much more affectionate and slept right close to my head.

Today, tonight really, I took her to the vet to get fluids and carried her there without her carriage (not my usual practice). She stayed on my shoulder as we walked to and from the car. While in the car she lounged on the seat like a Goddess, which she is.

She is just so comfortable in almost any environment. When I used to jog, she would follow along just like a dog. People were amazed with how well I had trained her! I didn’t, that’s just how she is! Beautiful, sensitive and earthy~a perfect mirror for me.

Thank you Clea. I love you.


Pancreatitis & Hyperthyroidism-Not a Great Combo

Well the Phosphorus worked for a good three weeks, until Clea ate my tuna and mayo off the counter, which triggered her Pancreatitis.  She was sick for close to four days.  She received fluids at the vets and we discussed her complex condition.

Bloodwork revealed considerably low levels of hyper-thyroidism, 5.0, we are down .3 points from the last bloodwork results, which is low on the spectrum of how high and out of control this condition can get, but her Pancreas levels were at 6.8!

Phosphorus does address digestive issues, but I was at my wit’s end and wanted something more concrete to help us. We talked about herbs for Pancreatitis and thyroid.  After a lot of trial and error, we agreed upon a Chinese herbal formula, Sargassum Jade Pot, which clears phlegm and heat (nodule on the thyroid) for the thyroid, Apawathecary’s Phytomucil, an excellent soother for the stomach that helps to stop vomiting, and Kan’s Prosperous Farmer to nourish her spleen, as well as specific diet changes.

Clea needs two capsules every 8 hours. She still has a very healthy appetite, but she is not as demanding and insistent as before and the other cats are not so stressed out because she is calmer.

Gem’s sneezing and blister on his nose cleared up with daily doses of Tasha’s Herbs for Cats–Immune System Formula, which I gave for seven days.   Gem regained his health quickly and the sneezing subsided as well.

Another Update!

Clea continues to be imbalanced.  So she is now taking .02 ml of Methamazole 1-2x per day for the hyper-thyroidism and 2-3 capsules of Four Gentlemen for the pancreatitis. She was taking Prosperous Farmer, a traditional Chinese herbal formula which really settled her down (stomach and tension). But I ran out and the doctor didn’t have it in stock. So we discussed another formula, Four Gentlemen, made up of the same herbs in Prosperous Farmer minus two ingredients,

She is much less stressed, more content, and less hungry. Yeah!!! It’s been a long two years of finding the best balance for her and now we have achieved it. I still need to feed her 2-3 x’s per day, but hey that beats six! Can you imagine being that hungry!

Also she doesn’t need the Sargassum Jade Pot formula she was taking for the thyroid in addition to her Western medication, now that she is taking the Four Gentlemen which nourishes deficiency of the spleen and stomach and she is doing great.

Treating Early Stages of Hyper-Thyroidism Naturally

With our recent challenges, I didn’t have the money to take Clea back to our regular vet, so I did a great deal of research on my own on how to best treat Clea’s most recent diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism and Chronic Pancreatitis!  Not a great combination.

We have begun using Standard Process products, including “Thyrotropin PMG, Cataplex, and Calcium Lactate. The Thyrotropin for balancing thyroid levels, Cataplex for essential nutrients and calcium to support Clea’s increasing bone loss.  It is my understanding that hyperthyroidism creates bone loss. The vet also gave me another option, an herbal formula, but I had already tried that, and it wasn’t working.

I have been feeding Clea 3 times a day at minimum, sometimes four with only high quality calcium rich foods: Salmon, sardines, raw chicken necks, Chicken soup (recipe from The New Natural Cat, Anita Frazier), and Wellness canned food if she would eat it. Usually she wants fish or the chicken necks. I also pill her with digestive enzymes to help her absorb the nutrients of the food.

Mainly, she demands high quality calcium foods, and refuses to eat anything else. For her health and my peace of mind, I was happy to fulfill her requests, demanding as they were, especially from a Tortie. After a while though, working this hard was driving me crazy. Plus she was clearly distressed.

I was really clear though that I wanted to treat Clea’s thyroid naturally for as long as I could, because the side-effects of the conventional meds concerned me.  The Standard Process products just weren’t strong enough, and the herbal products we tried weren’t working either.  I found a published article on-line from a holistic homeopathic vet and began to treat her homeopathically with Nat Mur 200C and she seemed to be better, but only for a very short period of time.  I was determined not to give up though.

I consulted Dr. Pitcarin’s website forum. I have been a long-time follower of Dr. Pitcarin’s advice. I read his book, Natural Health for Dogs and Cats when I first adopted Gem, my first cat and it helped me immensely over the years, especially for a multi-cat pet guardian household.  What I learned has been invaluable in dealing with colds, viruses, eye irritations, and abscesses.  I also highly recommend Anitra Fraizer’s Book, the New Natural Cat for Finicky Cat Owners.

After posting Clea’s condition, Dr. Pitcarin suggested that if I was to work homeopathically with Clea’s condition, I would need to consider all of her history, her symptoms, past and present presenting maladies while reading through the variety of homeopathic remedy descriptions (he suggested nine that are known to support thyroid issues) for me to come up with a remedy for her.

Now, I don’t present to be a veterinarian, but I do empower myself by trusting my intuition and my love of natural medicines to support myself and the beautiful animals in my care. That said, I also worked for a holistic vet for many years who practices homeopathy, Chinese medicine and more, so I learned a lot there, and I have also applied homeopathy, herbs, whole food nutrition, energy healing, and conscious communication into my personal and professional life for close to twenty years. So I am not timid in terms of exploring and experimenting with the use of knowledgeable and educational resources.

Researching through the materia medica lectures that I found on line served me well, because Cleopatra is a different cat now, and I now longer have to feed her excessive amounts of food. Rather than inhaling 3-4 chicken necks within one-two minutes, she is eating normally again.

I compared Clea’s health issues to 5 or 6 remedies Dr. P listed and decided upon Phosphorus. I had the remedy here at home because I have taken it before, so I gave her one dose of Phosphorus 200C. I fed her a few hours later in the afternoon, she ate two bites of food and went upstairs at four in the afternoon and went to sleep. She didn’t get up until the next morning!  This was a miracle!  Her incessant crying, the spasmodic jumping along her backside which she has had for years, and her vomiting which she also has had for years ceased.

She is definitely more content and more nourished somehow. Homeopathy is a miraculous medicine, one that has really supported my cats health and well-being since they were kittens.

Here is Clea munching on cut-up raw, chicken backs.