Practical & Intuitive Wellness

Photos of Gem my cat, Tempe the first horse I ever communicated with, Libby the first dog I ever massaged, and Hanna a wild dolphin I named after swimming along side her in the Florida Keys.

In addition to periodically blogging about my life with cats, I have decided to share my professional services here as well.

The services I offer include animal communication, medical intuition, whole food consultations and energy healing.  I have been working in the alternative health field and healing arts for eighteen years, and thirteen years specifically with animals.

My love of animals began as a young girl and blossomed professionally n 1999 when I began feeding a beautiful black Persian cat, who was pregnant and feral (I couldn’t believe she was on the street).  She clearly had been abandoned.  She had two litters of kittens that I trapped and socialized.  I used mindful meditation to consciously relate to the kittens, as well as massage, Tellington Touch, whole food, flower essences, homeopathy, and holistic veterinarian care to bring them into wholeness.

I then began working for well-known holistic veterinarian clinic offering massage and flower essence therapy (certified in both).  During my sessions with the animals, I realized I could hear and feel what they were thinking and feeling, similar to what happened when I worked with people, including conversing with their deceased relatives and their spirit guides who appeared with messages they wished to convey.  Thus having the ability translate what an animal was feeling or thinking was not so far-fetched for me.

Animals, similar to we humans having a feeling emotional nature and they are intelligent beings who deserve to be heard and honored.  We can do this in ways that we may not have imagined before, such as animal communication, medical intuition, energy-work, and emotional balancing.  When we listen to and honor what our animal friends have to say, we build deep bonds and sacred trusts with them, which enhance our relationships and well-being ten-fold.

Photo on 2013-07-12 at 23.40Imagine your animal having so much trust in you, and your willingness to honor them completely that they listen and honor your requests and desires.  These kind of relationships can be formed.  These types of relationships help us all evolve.

Though this blog is focused on cats, I do talk with all other animals.  For more information, to set up an appointment contact me via my website

All the best, in your lovely and courageous life with animals.


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