More Food Choices for Hyperthyroid Cats

IMG_0021Recently, I have been happily and sincerely considering the curious results I am having with feeding my cat, Gem, raw organ meat (specifically raw kidney and raw heart from a local organic farm).  Since I have added this into his diet his hyperthyroid symptoms are minimally presenting!

About a month ago, I made an appointment to take him to the holistic vet (also a seasoned homeopath) because he has been so out of balance.  She saved his life two winters ago, since that time he has been on an herbal formula for the thyroid and a homeopathic for his heart (given as needed).

Because of what happened to Gem while taken western meds and the effect they had Cleopatra when she was alive, we are completely interested in routes that provide less stress and better results.  Pilling Gem everyday, two times a day is stressful for me and him.  I don’t have difficulty with it, but sometimes my schedule is so busy I forget, plus he hates it, though manages it well.  Additionally, as of late he seems to be increasingly desirous of more and more food.

Working at a holistic pet store that partners with many local organic and anti-biotic free farms, I am privy to lots and lots of choices all the time.  Lately, we have had frozen raw kidneys available.  I began feeding kidneys for the first time last year, mostly cut-up chicken hearts on top of Honest Kitchen–they gobble right up!

My vet has always said food is the best medicine.  Over the years, I have attempted to feed the best quality food possible.  With Rosie and Gem both having heart murmurs and my new kittens (a year old this month) who were under nourished when I took them in (Isis is now 7 pounds) and always hungry, I am constantly considering their diet and how I may enhance their health and well-being.

In feeding Gem kidney (lamb) and I noticed right away that he seemed different–more relaxed and more satisfied.  He has put on weight, is less hungry, his coat is smoother and he seems better overall.  So I canceled his appointment with the vet.  I am curious though, to see if his thyroid levels have come down, so we are going in late July.

Why would feeding kidney and heart help Gem?  In holistic and Chinese Medicine, you feed the body that which it is deficient it.  In this case, Gem has a heart murmur and he has had bladder/kidney imbalances since he was a kitten, in addition his  hyperthyroidism, which was under 5 (though his levels were going up!).

Since the thyroid and the kidney are part of the endocrine system, and thyroid imbalance stems either from the kidney or the pancreas, it makes sense that feeding Gem kidney meat would influence his overall wellness and his thyroid (endocrine).  Additionally, mucus is considered dampness in Chinese Medicine and cooked food (canned) may contribute to dampness (see food chart on home page to learn more about food and their temperatures).

I feed the other cats raw diets with crushed bone, but Gem can’t have the bone, so the organ meat has been a perfect way to nourish him.  He is becoming renewed, though I do have mixed feelings about furthering Gem’s life and well-being from the auspices of a slaughtered lamb (feeding fresh organ meat puts me more in touch with the animals that are killed so they may eat).

I hope this information is helpful.


Gem’s Recovery from Bladder Stones/Crystals

I adopted Gem in the late Spring of 1997. Within a few months, I began to feel that Gem was lonely. He seemed so, especially when I came home. He ran to the door to welcome me and was so expressive in his affection, I thought some company would be good for him. In August I adopted Clea. Gem was not thrilled. Overtime, they worked out who the top cat was.

At the time, I was learning how to nourish myself with whole foods and holistic medicines, and I was integrating spiritual and metaphysical healing into my life. Part of my daily practice was meditation (and still is). As I sat and practiced body-centered meditations, neighborhood cats began visiting our yard. Within a few months, three males cats became regular visitors, peering in the windows. A feral feline became a regular nightly visitor too. Later I realized she was pregnant. She was searching for food. The cats were attracted to the compassionate energy emanating from our house.

Without going into the entire story of my evolvement into the holistic cat world, I soon became the caregiver of five cats. We were living in a large beautiful house, and there was plenty of room for me to have feral kittens in the back room without involving Gem and Clea, but then there was Nicky.

Nicky was the first feral kitten I socialized. He was not housed in a cage like the other kittens. He was intense, sweet, magnanimous and demonstrative. An Aries for sure.

Well, Gem is a whale of a Pisces and he had no tolerance for Nicky. Soon thereafter, Gem’s urinary issues became full blown. Gem is a water cat by nature, which means that his elemental disposition, where is he strongest and also where he is the most vulnerable, became challenged. Gem and Nicky had urine battles all over my couch. Boy, did I learn a lot about myself, cats, and about Urine stain and odor remover (best stuff is called Oxy Solution from PetSmart).

Gem was taken to the emergency room many times because he was blocked. Initially, he had to be catheterized. For years, this issue went on. At times he was okay, and then he wasn’t. He was hospitalized once for a week. For almost eleven years he has had urinary challenges. This summer Gem had all updated testing done. His sonogram showed a completely clear bladder, no sand, no stones. AMAZING, I was totally astonished, and very happy.

All of last year I gave my Chandra Piedra, and herb from the Amazon, meaning stone breaker. It worked. Amen. The other really good solution for urinary pH imbalance is Uroeze. I found that giving Gem, Treasure Tea which has Chandra Piedra in it and the Uroeze he balanced out.

Last week, Gem began showing signs of urinary upset. I added the Uroeze once to his food and he was fine.