About Nourishing Kitty


For eighteen years now my feline companions have been my master teachers.

Nourishing Kitty is inspired by them and our journey together.  The intention of our blog is to share stories and easy creative holistic tips, which enhance the livelihood of cats and their unique natures.

Gemstone, Cleopatra, Rosie and Bear, and now Isis and Samson (Gem, Clea and Bear have passed) have taught me how to listen to their needs: energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and to honor their individual personalities.  Choosing to provide care and medical attention infused with consciousness, pure presence, and natural mindful methods has made all the difference in the world, in how deeply we bond and how content and well they are (that said nothing is perfect! nor are we, but our choices in the care we provide makes a huge difference).

The wisdom of Anitra Frazier, author of The Natural Cat, our vet-Dr. Monique Maniet and Dr Raichura, Dr. Pitcairn, Dr. Don Hamilton, author of Homeopathy for Small Animals, my background and training in healing, bodywork, massage,  energy medicine and communication, and all my animal and human clients over the last eighteen years, have been invaluable to our well-being and to my education as an animal care giver and animal professional.

Whether we are dealing with behavioral issues (mine or theirs), health or dietary issues, conscious or unconscious emotional patterns, or transition and afterlife, holism in every sense has never let us down.

We hope our bonding experiences, our trials and tribulations and our successes offer you insights that enhance the lives and relationships with the beloved felines in your hearts and lives.

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