Finding a Lost Cat

Last evening a friend texted and asked if I could help locate her cat, who had been missing since the morning.  I said yes.  I was home and wasn’t doing much, other than paperwork.

Lulu after she was found.

Lulu after she was found.

She said the cat must have snuck out the door, but never saw her actually run out.

Thankfully within minutes I was able to connect with the cat, who showed me the basement laundry room, over and over.  She said she was outside along the screened in-porch off the laundry room.

Finding cats is usually quite easy, especially if not much time has gone by.  They tend to hang out around the house, unless a fight has occurred or another intense event.  Even within a few days, they can be telepathically located not far from home.  When lots of time has passed, it much more involved.

Communicating with animals take convictions, courage, and deep listening.


It’s easy to initially doubt what comes through, but unless I had listened, and trusted what came through, and to what the cat was showing me, we may not have found her so readily.

Animal communication helps with:

  • Behavioral Problems
  • Emotional Energetic Imbalances
  • Health Issues
  • Transition, Grief & Loss
  • Lost Pets

For more information about communicating, please visit our Conscious Paws website or leave a comment here for Wendy.

Thanks for your trust Diane!



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