Time for Hyperthyroidism Medication

Recently, we started Gem on methimazole for his hypethyroidism and he was so grateful.  He actually turned around, looked at me, and said, “It’s about time!”

I was fearful about giving it to him, because Clea didn’t do very well on it, but Gem is doing just fine.  He is now getting a very minor dose, via transdermal compound that gets wiped into his ear–no more shoving a pill down his throat!  He is gaining his weight back and is much calmer.  Gem is a big cat–15 lbs during his prime, and now weighs 10 lbs, so I’m very happy to see his weight increase.

Additionally, the vet told me to go ahead and feed him fish, even with his FLUTD condition.  Most fish, in the Chinese Wisdom Traditions and Chinese Medicine, is considered cooling (see food charts at bottom of blog).  Inflammatory processes are produced by heat, so feeding a cooling food can be quite helpful.

Gem was very happy–he loves fish.  I stopped feeding the lamb and chicken so much, but the vet did say its all about balance, so he gets some of that too, in moderation.

I hope this info helps your kitty and you to establish greater well-being and health.  Check out our additional post below, Best Food Choices for Hyperthyroid Cats, for other insights in foods for hyperthyroid cats.

All the Best.


5 thoughts on “Time for Hyperthyroidism Medication

  1. My beautiful cat “Preity” who is now about 15 years old started displaying thyroid problems and was beginning to waste away. Using the Methimazole was difficult. Then my vet said there was a new memo that if the food has the iodine removed or reduced that it will reverse the disease. Preity has been on Y/D now for a year, and her thyroid levels are back to normal, her energy is superb now as she is now interested in chasing her spongy kitty soccer balls again. The Y/D can only be purchased from a vet – but still it is for about the same price monthly as the Methimazole. Be careful when having cat meds compounded with flavors, because the chicken flavor commonly used also has Iodine in it.

    • Hi Annie,

      I am so glad your kitty is doing better. I’m not a big advocate of Science Diet(s), and I am aware of how challenging treating hyper-thyroidism can be. It’s so great that Preity’s levels are back to normal!

      And thank you for sharing information about the iodine in the compounded meds. I’m going to inquire about that from the local compounding pharmacy that I use.

      All the best and happy holidays,

  2. My 15 year old male is hyperthyroid. Free T4 in Nov 2012 was 4.7, now 11. We tried oral methimazole but he had terrible itching, scratching parts of his face till he bled. Vet wants us to try y/d, which we have just begun, but I’m concerned about the low-protein, and none of it animal protein. We all need protein to build muscle mass, and the hyperthyroidism has made my cat melt away. How can I supplement protein without introducing iodine or iodide?

    • Hi Aleza,

      Wow, so sorry your cat had such a bad reaction to the medication. The only other suggestion I can make is to contact a holistic vet, who specializes in homeopathy and traditional meds, to find the best fit for your kitty. 11 is really high, so the food sounds like the best choice right now, until and if you find another method that works for him. Hyperthyroidism is a really serious condition, and I challenging situation for the caregiver. It took so much effort on my part to give my Gem and Clea the very best, while they were suffering with this condition. Be sure to be gentle with yourself and your kitty.

      Choosing to work with homeopathy may prove beneficial in, addressing dis-ease that has possibly been festering within your cats system, which in turn can address his current condition. Dr. Don Hamilton in Arizona works over the phone, and I know others I can refer you too if you’re interested. You can find Don’s contact info on the web.

      I used very little meds, with homeopathy and that proved to work well for Gem. Clea had a hard time with the medication, but she also has severe pancreatitis, thus her state was difficult to cure.

      Let me know how its going and if I can be of further assistance.

      All the best,

  3. Hi Wendy,

    I like your “new look” congrats!

    I am so glad you finally acquiesed on the Methimazole to help your baby! And wanted to update you on my nearly 17 year old Kaos,still going strong!

    I wrote almost 2 years ago about my Kaos who has been Early Kidney failure for 6 years at that time and just crossed the levels into Hyper Thyrodism, covering our experience with Y/D – which doesn’t do anything for cats with kidney failure. So he has been on 1/4 tablet of Tapazole per day.

    I count my blessings every day, as Kaos continues to be bright eyed, loving, active and quite healthy for ~ 17 years.

    EVERY DAY he has a choice of 3 types of dry food for kidney diets – Hills, Walthams and Royal Canin PLUS sometimes twice per day 1/8 to 1/4 tin of Hill’s A/D – a protein rich food that Seniors – like Kittens require for their muscles and has 2 bowls of water to drink from. My Vet says it is more important for him to eat than to look at the food because the weight and appetite loss are SERIOUS issues to recover from.

    His weight is consistent, his fur is soft and flowing and demands to go outside a few times per day to inspect his territory! I wish I could include a photo to show how wonderful he looks!

    My best to every pet owner who has either kidney ilure &/or hyper thyrodism … for nearly 7 years Kaos has been on Hills, Royal Canin and Walthams and for the past 2 years Hill’s A/D wet food … healthy and strong for many more years I pray.


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