Gem’s Heart

This summer Gem was scheduled for dental cleaning and extractions, but due to the discovery of a heart murmur, we needed to see a cardiologist first, so we went to see Dr. Jacobs.  Gem’s sonogram revealed an enlarged heart and the need for medication. Honestly, I was relieved to find out just what was going on with him, because I was aware of how discontented he was. I had thought it was his tooth, but it turned out his abrupt and anxious behavior was due to his newly discovered condition.

Gem has always been a cuddler, the best in fact. He really likes to curl up close to the nape of my neck and sleep for a bit, many times laying right on my heart.  His purring, breathing and heart beat always felt smooth and put me to rest, but not in the recent months.  His behavior, in fact, in the last few months, was obnoxious! He was attacking Clea more than ever and just not himself. Now I understood why.

I was willing to do whatever the doctor suggested, even though we mainly followed a holistic protocol.  We went straight to Knowles Apothecary to get Gem’s prescription filled!  In addition to the ________ Dr. Jacob prescribed, she also prescribed a quarter tablet of baby aspirin 2x a week.  After giving Gem one dose of his medication he became calmer and back to his old self.  We were all relieved, including Gem.

In hindsight I recall Gem having a cough over the years that seemed unusual. Now I know it was a heart condition and asthma slowly progressing which didn’t show up until recently.